Corporate Lodging in Indianapolis, Indiana

Everything you need to know to find the best corporate lodging in Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis has quickly established itself as one of the "movers and shakers" when it comes to the business community in this area of the United States, which explains why so many companies are setting up temporary offices in Indianapolis to get a better feel for a longer-term base of operations. But these people have to live somewhere while they are working in Indianapolis, and that's where finding the best corporate lodging in Indianapolis, Indiana comes into play.

Believe it or not, finding the right corporate lodging in Indianapolis for your employees can be significantly more challenging than a lot of people make it out to be at first. Not at all unlike finding the perfect apartment or house, the process can be long, arduous, and more than a little bit frustrating - especially if you haven't had to go through this process in the past.

To help you streamline this operation significantly we've included a couple of corporate rentals and corporate lodging options that you'll want to look into more closely below. We've also detailed some of the best short-term office space solutions in Indianapolis, Indiana to help you really hit the ground running.

National Corporate Housing

The Indianapolis branch of this nationwide corporate housing company, you'll be able to enjoy the same kinds of amenities and service here at the National Corporate Housing facilities of Indianapolis that you'll be able to enjoy everywhere else across the US as well.

This relatively new building has recently been completely remodeled on the interior to provide short-term business guests with a much more comfortable stay.

Amenities have also been added (including brand-new fitness and business centers), and the neighborhood is also filled with plenty of entertainment and nightlife options so that your employees won't have to worry about being "all business" while they are away.

Corporate Housing Providers

Another national chain well represented here, the Corporate Housing Providers on Perdue Road are able to offer some of the best corporate lodging in Indianapolis, Indiana.

They are building is also relatively brand-new, they've invested heavily into their infrastructure and their customer service department, and they provide easy access to all of the amenities that your employees need to feed happy and fulfilled lives while they are working away from the home office.

VIP Corporate Housing

This corporate lodging in Indianapolis, Indiana service is based out of Bradwell Place in downtown Indianapolis and they are able to connect businesses to all kinds of apartments, suites, and even whole homes all over the city.

When you choose to take advantage of these corporate lodging services you're not only going to be able to enjoy some of the best business focused residences in the city but you're also going to have a tremendous amount of options to pick and choose from. Because they work with so many different real estate agents in the city, they are able to connect businesses to the kinds of locations and apartments that may have just become available without anyone else being aware of the fact.

Leveraging this corporate rental service can help you get some pretty prime real estate in Indianapolis without having to pay a king's ransom in the process.

Short-term office space solutions in Indianapolis, Indiana

Of course, finding the best corporate lodging in Indianapolis is mission critical - but you're also going to want to be sure that your employees are able to work in top-tier short-term office space solutions as well.

Indianapolis is home to a variety of different short-term office space opportunities (including co-working space, a trend that is becoming red hot these days), so you shouldn't have any trouble whatsoever finding short-term offices for your Indianapolis-based operation.

The Regus International Indianapolis

A nationwide company that has short-term office space in most every major (and almost all of the minor) cities in the United States you are going to know exactly what you're getting when you choose to move forward with these corporate rentals. Best of all, if you've worked with this company in the past you'll be able to really expedite the short-term leasing of this space - and you'll also be able to earn reward points that you can redeem later down the line towards future rentals.

The DaVinci Virtual Office Indianapolis

This national executive suite rental agency will help you find the best short-term office space in all of Indianapolis. Based out in the heart of the Indianapolis (as opposed to out on US 865 like most other operations), these corporate rental professionals will make sure that you're able to find exactly the right business space for your employees - regardless of whether or not you need typical and traditional office space, smalltime manufacturing space, or fulfillment space (or most anything else you can imagine).

When you get right down to it if you use the inside information we offer above you shouldn't have any trouble whatsoever landing the best corporate lodging and the right corporate rentals for your employees to live in while they are here in Indianapolis.