Corporate Lodging in Houston, Texas

Here's how to find the best corporate lodging in Houston, Texas

Trying to set up shop for your business in a town or city that isn't even remotely close to your headquarters can be a really difficult challenge, especially in you haven't had to try and find corporate lodging in Houston before.

There are all kinds of considerations that need to be taken into account before you, or anyone from human resources, signs on the dotted line and agrees to a long-term lease, but the most important factor has to be whether or not your employees are going to be happy with the corporate housing that you are providing.

You'll want to find corporate lodging options that offer as many creature comforts as possible, are filled to the brim with luxury amenities (a fitness center and a business center are absolute musts), and it's always a good idea to try and get your corporate housing located as close as possible to any short-term office space you're renting in the area as well.

Take care of those details and you shouldn't have too much to worry about when it comes time to find the best corporate lodging in Houston, Texas.

In an effort to help you really hit the ground running we have put together a couple of the best corporate lodging solutions in all of Houston in a quick guide below. You may want to put these at the top of your research list to really expedite the selection process.

Murphy's Corporate Lodging

Located on Highway 59 and just a stone's throw away from US 69, Murphy's Corporate Lodging is one of the most centrally located corporate housing solutions in all of Houston, as well as one of the most highly regarded.

Offering all kinds of amenities to business travelers that anticipate staying in the area for extended amounts of time, these corporate lodging solutions provide access to a fitness center, business center, 24/7 security, a concierge desk, and a whole host of other benefits that you likely won't be able to take advantage of anywhere else.

Combine that with the very modern build and design of these corporate housing solutions and you're talking about one of the very best options in all of Houston.

Houston Corporate Apartments

Even more centrally located to the middle of "Houston proper", these corporate housing rentals are right off of Highway 288 and next to the US 10 connection, giving you - and all of your employees - effortless access to pretty much everything in Houston via these highways.

Consistently rated as the best corporate housing option in all of Houston, the amenities are off the charts, the neighborhood is fantastic, and the location couldn't be better.

It's close enough to the airport for business meetings but far enough away to avoid unnecessary traffic, it's located in close proximity to many of the short-term office space options in the area, and the neighborhood is considered to be one of the best for out-of-towners. The Houston Corporate Apartment corporate rentals are well worth investigating further.

Short-term office space solutions in Houston, Texas

Finding the right corporate lodging is all well and good, but you'll also need to be sure that you are taking advantage of the best short-term office space solutions in Houston as well.

The ServCorp short-term office space available in the Bank of America Center building (very close to the Houston Corporate Apartments complex) is probably the best of all the different short-term options in the city.

Built with short-term and adaptable office spaces in mind, you'll have the ability to really make your rental your own - moving in your own staff, your own infrastructure, and taking advantage of all the high-speed communication tools available from the Bank of America Center itself.

The Village Executive Suites located further down the road near W. University Pl. are also considered to be some of the better corporate rentals you can take advantage of for shorter terms (though longer leases are also available in this building). The amenities and the high-speed connections aren't quite as advanced as the options you'll find in the short term office space above, but they rank right up there amongst the best in Houston - and that's good enough for most everyone.

At the end of the day, you won't have any trouble whatsoever getting your hands on top quality corporate rentals and corporate lodging when you're looking in Houston. This is a very business focused city and they are always looking to build their business infrastructure and support "out-of-towners" in any way possible.

A little bit of research and some due diligence will have you landing the best corporate housing and corporate rentals available in the area with next to no real difficulty whatsoever.