Corporate lodging in Columbus, Ohio

The two most important things to look for when you need to secure corporate lodging in Columbus, and everywhere else, for that matter, are that you find somewhere that your employees will feel comfortable and at home without having to worry about anything as far as maintenance is concerned and that they are able to move right in - and then right out at a moment's notice - with no difficulty at all.

While most corporate lodging solutions are going to promise a lot when it comes to both of these key criteria, the majority of solutions out there just aren't going to live up to expectations.

This is why you need to be certain that you choose the right corporate lodging facilities in Columbus. Look for a prime location, choose only fully furnished and fully maintained corporate housing solutions, and do your best to find the locations that offer all-inclusive payment packages to streamline billing.

To help you get the ball rolling as far as finding the best corporate lodging in Columbus is concerned with we have put together this quick guide.

The Arena Crossing Apartments

Located at 423 North Front St., about as close to the center of Columbus as you are going to get, then you'll find these corporate lodging solutions to be just about as good as it gets in the city.

The area around these corporate accommodations is fantastic with the kind of small-town charm and big-city options that Columbus is known best for, and you won't ever have worry about your employees living in anything but a fantastic area when they are staying here.

It just so happens that the Arena Crossing Apartments are also located very close to some of the best short-term office corporate rentals as well. This helps with the transition your employees are inevitably going to have to go through, and it really simplifies their workweek dramatically.

Flats on Vine

About as close to luxury corporate housing options has you're going to find in Columbus, Ohio, this apartment complex is loaded with two and three bedroom suites designed specifically for short-term and midterm lodging accommodations for out-of-town businesspeople.

The accommodations in this facility are top-notch, with a fitness center, business center, conference space, and a whole host of other facilities available right on site. Living here will certainly make your employees life a lot easier and they are going to appreciate the luxurious accommodations for sure!

Brewers Yard Apartments

A bit of a combination between corporate housing options and more traditional residences and commercial space, these apartments are a lot more minimalist in nature.

Maintenance is completely taken care of by the facility managers, the local neighborhood is absolutely fantastic, and it's relatively central location in the city of Columbus makes these corporate housing options very accessible.

It's also nice to know that the security at the Brewers Yard Apartments has been upgraded in the recent past. There is now 24/7 door security and front desk employees the double as concierge professionals when you need to take advantage of those types of services.

Living in Columbus when conducting business doesn't get much better than this!

Short-term office-based solutions in Columbus, Ohio

It is also likely that you are also going to have to take advantage of short-term office corporate rentals, and you'll need to be sure that you are choosing the right services here as well. Columbus has a lot of different short-term and shared office spaces that you will be able to work out of and finding the right one shouldn't be too difficult.

Office Evolution Easton Town Center

This "open floor plan" office space is going to be able to accommodate most any business operation unimaginable based in large part to the adaptability, flexibility, and customization that is possible when you rent out these spaces.

Many of the office spaces in this complex are available fully furnished and loaded with advanced tech solutions for business, though you'll also have the opportunity to buy or lease your own equipment to outfit these corporate rentals with as well.

Regus Columbus

A national short term office corporate rentals company, these facilities are considered to be amongst the very best of the best in all of Columbus, Ohio.

Connectivity is the name of the game at this short-term office space, and your employees aren't ever going to have to worry about struggling to get work done when they are in these facilities.

A little bit north of the town proper, however, the commute can be able to bit on the longer side of things from corporate housing to these office spaces - but that's going to depend entirely upon the short-term lodging you decide to rent in the first place.