Corporate Lodging in Charlotte, North Carolina

It can be a little bit of a challenge to set up "remote" teams of employees that are going to be working away from home. Flying your employees to a new location (sometimes halfway around the country) will inevitably involve a tremendous amount of stress and no shortage of hassle and headache - which is why you'll want to be sure to secure only the best corporate lodging in Charlotte, North Carolina for your team.

You'll want to be sure that you have selected corporate lodging solutions for all of your employees that are:

... And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

To help you find the best corporate housing and corporate lodging in Charlotte, North Carolina we've put together this quick guide. Check out all of the inside information below and you shouldn't have too much (if anything) to worry about going forward.

Post Corporate Apartments

Located right in the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina - and centrally located to pretty much anything and everything your employees will ever need to get to while spending time in this city - the Post Corporate Apartments are located on 810 W. 5th St. and are quite charming.

Filled to the brim with that down south charm that makes Charlotte such an attractive city to begin with, on the outside these Post Corporate Apartments look a lot like a more traditional bed and breakfast rather than a "company campus" - but inside they are loaded with high tech features that allow your employees to lead a high quality of life without ever compromising their productivity.

The Oakwood Corporate Housing options

A little bit more north of the city center, these corporate housing options are a little bit more modern on the inside as well as the outside compared to the options above, but they aren't quite as centrally located.

Still relatively close to all major areas of Charlotte (and basically right on Route 85 and only a short way away from the airport), these corporate housing options are also a lot closer to many of the best short-term office space solutions in this city.

CWS Corporate Housing

The CWS Corporate Housing Group is a nationwide company providing businesses with safe, clean, secure, and budget friendly corporate lodging solutions. You will find these accommodations to be a lot like staying in a luxury suite at a top hotel, and your employees are sure to enjoy all of the on-site services and amenities that this company provides.

Located in the southernmost region of Charlotte, North Carolina (almost on 485) your employees won't have any problems whatsoever getting to and from these accommodations or driving quickly into the city before retiring to a slightly slower paced and "quieter" section of town when they stay here.

Short-term office space solutions in Charlotte, North Carolina

ExecuBusiness Centers

Located closest to The Oakwood Corporate Housing corporate lodging option, this short-term office center offers full executive suite rental services to businesses that need to "set up shop" for an indeterminate amount of time in Charlotte. Infinitely connected (not just to the web through advanced technology infrastructure running all over the building, but also to the physical world with its close proximity to 85, 485, and 77 - all major highways), this is the perfect place to establish your operation when you're looking for short-term office corporate rentals.

Ballantyne Business Center

Down in the southernmost region of Charlotte, North Carolina (very, very close to the CWS Corporate Housing accommodations) this is one of the most highly regarded short-term corporate office rentals you'll have the opportunity to take advantage of.

Clean, modern, and with very flexible layouts that can be modified and adjusted on the fly to suit your needs, this is exactly the kind of office space most businesses are looking for when they need to establish "satellite" operations away from home.

Your Office - Ballantyne

Located very close to the Ballantyne Business Center, these office space rentals are a little bit less expensive than some of the other options in Charlotte, North Carolina but offer almost identical services.

They aren't quite as close to the city proper (which makes them less expensive) but enjoy close proximity to all of the major highways that converge in Charlotte. It's also relatively close to the airport (making business meetings here a lot easier), and the terms for taking advantage of these corporate rentals are very friendly to businesses that may have to uproot without much advanced notification.

Those looking to leverage the best corporate rentals will want to be sure that they look into all three of the options outlined above.